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Why you should have a baby gate for your stairs

Baby gates for Stairs for Safety!

baby gates for stairsThe most important thing for parents is their child’s safety and when living in a two-story house requires parents to take further safety precautions as children are exposed to stairs. Staircases can be very dangerous for children and can even be life threatening and that is the main reason why every parent living in a house with stairs should make their house a safe place for their children by installing baby gates on staircases.

A baby gate is a very essential component required for your child’s safety and several large companies are producing such products nowadays. Gates come in different forms and prices but the main aim for each of the gates is to improve safety of the child.

These baby gates have reduced the amount of accidents including children by a great deal over the past few years as they prevent children from getting to dangerous locations, baby gates for stairs are especially important for safety. A baby gate ensures that your child is confined to a certain place in the house and allows you to perform your daily chores without worrying about your child all the time as these gates are designed to not allow the baby to pass through itself no matter what.

baby gate for stairs

Baby gates usually get fixed into the wall and are fitted at the bottom and the top of a staircase. They are made of good quality material so that they aren’t broken easily and also tend to last longer.

The manufacturers pay special attention to the height of the gate as it plays a very important role in the effectiveness of the gate. Usually these gates are up to 30-35 inches tall which is more than enough to protect a crawling baby or even a toddler who has just started walking.

Baby gates are usually set up when your child is nearly 6 months old or starts crawling and it is recommended to keep the gate installed until you are completely sure that your child can climb up and down the stairs himself comfortably.

Several companies are producing these gates and you can find different gates online on amazon and other websites.

The Importance of Dental Hygiene

The importance of dental hygiene

Dental hygiene or dental health is related to the health of your mouth especially the teeth and gums. The mouth has a lot of functions including eating, speaking and laughing and to perform all these functions it requires to be healthy and free from any kind of dangerous infections that can cause problems like bad breath and inflammation of gums. Tooth decay or cavities is the most common problem that affects the teeth. There are several other problems caused due to poor dental hygiene that will be explained further in this article.

Dental problems can also affect the overall health of the body as there is a very important connection between oral or dental health and the overall health of your body. Like the other parts of your body, the mouth is also very prone to diseases and can be affected by infections due to bacteria. To protect the mouth from such bacteria and harmful substances we practice daily brushing of our teeth and as reports suggest, the ratio of oral diseases is greater in people who don’t brush their teeth everyday as they are more prone to such diseases.


There are several diseases that are related poor dental hygiene and a few of them have been explained below:

  • Cardiovascular disease: Heart related problems have also been reported to be caused by infections and inflammation that bacteria cause in the mouth. Some of the heart related problems caused include strokes and clogged arteries.
  • Endocarditis: It is an infection of the inner lining of the heart and is again caused by the bacteria causing infection in the mouth. This usually occurs when the bacteria from your mouth spread inside your body and create a bacterial inner lining of the heart.
  • Pregnancy and birth: Dental diseases can also have harmful effects on pregnant women that can even affect the nature and the size of the baby. Some women experience early birth and the weight of their babies also tend to be less than normal babies.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes reduces the body’s ability to fight against the bacteria and that is the reason why gums related diseases are very common in diabetic people. Researchers have also proved that people who don’t have control over their blood sugar levels tend to be more prone to such diseases.
  • HIV/Aids:  Mucosal lesion is a very dangerous and harmful disease and it is very common among people who are HIV positive. A report suggested that this is because people with HIV tend to have no resistance against bacterial attacks and can easily be infected.
  • Tooth erosion: It is a very common and it is caused due to the action of acid on your tooth. Tooth erosion affects the entire surface of the tooth and can make it sensitive to very hot and very cold foods and drinks and can cause a lot of pain.
  • Osteoporosis: It is a disease which causes the bones in the body to weaken and people with this problem also tend to have weak teeth which are easily broken and even tend to fall off in some cases.

In recent years, there has been a major reduction in the number of patients coming in with dental problems. This sudden change in trend in most of the European countries is known to be the result of regular brushing and flossing to remove plaque and introduction of new and effective toothpastes that include fluoride as their most important ingredient.

Fluoride included in most of the modern day toothpastes is what makes teeth strong. It increases the strength of the teeth by hardening them and makes them strong against acids. The proper amount of fluoride when provided to the teeth prevents them from a lot of diseases and keeps them healthy. Several practices are being used to supply your teeth with fluoride which includes drinking fluoride beverages and also by supplementation but still the most effective and widely used method is still the use of toothpastes to make teeth strong.

Doctors have also paid a lot of attention on dental problems and have come up with different ways to protect people from getting infected. Doctors suggest that to maintain a good dental hygiene, an individual should properly brush their teeth at least twice every day. It is preferred to do so before sleeping at night and just after waking up in the morning. The process of cleaning and taking care of your teeth has great importance so it is recommended that parents should teach their children how to clean their teeth from a very early age.

A healthy diet is also preferred for people having such problems and snacks between meals should also be limited as they can cause a lot of dental problems like tooth decay. People who eat a lot mostly tend to have such problems and doctors have suggested that some time should be allowed between every meal to help the saliva in your mouth gain back its original strength and effectiveness against products that contain different acids.

Tooth brush should also be replaced after every two to three months and it is also recommended to visit the dentist after every 3 months to get a regular check up to see if everything is healthy and functioning properly. Another important thing is I always make sure to know where there is an emergency dentist near me, if you ever have intense pain after hours or over the weekend, be aware of the nearest 24 hour emergency dentist.  A dentist should always be consulted before applying a product to your teeth and these dental professionals also play a very important role in your dental health so it is important to make sure that the dentist you’re visiting knows what he’s doing.


emergency dentist

With the advancement in technology and the invention of new techniques and practices, the ratio of dental problems is further expected to decrease in the forthcoming years and it is important to refer to a doctor or report your problem as soon as you face it because a disease can be much easier to cure if it is reported in an early stages.


What to Do About Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies might be experienced by almost every household. But there are a lot of them still do not know how to efficiently handle them.


There are some problems that can be a problem if it isn’t cared immediately. Furthermore, there are several obstacles like the tooth problems, the distance to the dentist’ office, the schedule, and etc. And you may need to do first aid or a tad home care until your dentist can be met.  So for the sake of your “peace of mind”, hereby I would inform you to inform some common dental emergencies and their treatments.

emergency dentist

Broken tooth – It is one of the most common emergencies experienced by many families. If your tooth is broken or suddenly chips, the very first aid you must do is preparing a cold compress. Apply it on the damaged area. It is great idea to take some pain killers then rush to your emergency dentist to get proper medication.


Toothache -  It is the most common problem that is experienced by almost any patient. Because it is general, it does not mean you should be afraid about this. There are certain ways to relieve some of the pain. You can begin by rinsing the mouth. Some cases can be caused by food particles lodged between the teeth. You can use floss or a toothpick to overcome this problem. However, if you think your teeth sickness is more severe. You should rush to emergency dentist A.S.A.P.


Broken Jaw – You perhaps got unlucky on the road. Such accidents may broke your jaw. When this happen, the best thing to do is applying cold pressure on the damaged area to help it stop from bleeding while waiting for your emergency dentist to come.


Lost filling – This is also one of the most common types of dental emergencies in your life. The best thing to do when you experience this in the middle of your dining time is replacing the loss filling with a free-sugar gum. It is applied to avoid any expose to your dental nerves of the tooth.

Knocked out tooth – It can be such problem if someone can not handle it. If one of your friends or beloved children suddenly knocks out their tooth, the special care must be done immediately. Ask them to rinse it off with a glass of salted water. Rush to emergency dentist to take care the knocked out tooth.


Those home care can save your teeth from severe pain you don’t want to feel. It is always the best to seek medical advice and avoid serious effects. A dental office would be your saviour, but first aid at home is also crucial for your teeth.